Leadership giving is the foundation of the success of the Campaign for a Creative Future. We recognize the following donors for supporting Artist Trust in this incredible way.

Shari and John Behnke
Stephanie Ellis-Smith
Michael and Cathy Casteel
Gar and Barbara LaSalle
Christopher and Alida Latham
Len Lewicki
Raynier Institute and Foundation              
Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation


Christine and Itamar Abrass
Peter Ackroyd and Joan Alworth
Perry and Christine Atkins
Daniel and Pamela Baty
Greg and Ronna Bell
Scot and Susan Bradley
Nancy Chang
Valerie Collymore
Juli Cook
Stephanie and Christopher Daley-Watson
Eleana Del Rio and David Jeno
Allison Eltrich
Susan Ephron
Alison and Donald Farmer
Ann Gardner and Mitch Karton
Bruce Funkhouser and Michelle Friars
Helen Gamble
Cezanne Garcia and David Grossman
Carolyn and Gerald Grinstein
Karen Guzak and Warner Blake
Mark Haley and Michaela Clancy
Joyce Halldorson and Greg Herron
Richard and Elizabeth Hedreen
Heather Helbach-Olds and Matthew Olds
Lucia and Leo Huntington
Zabrina Jenkins
Kyle Johnson and Judith Kindler
Kevin and Motomi Kudo-King
Michael Lane and Paul D. McKee
Marge Levy and Larry Lancaster
Mariella Luz and Michael Elvin
Claire Molesworth
Nance Myers
Mark Olthoff and Brett Arrington
The Roberts Family Foundation                
Cathy Sarkowsky
Faye Sarkowsky
Pablo Schugurensky and Renata Tatman
Earl and Charyl Kay Sedlik
Preston Singletary and Asa Sandlund
Lance and Jennifer Sinnema
David and Catherine Eaton Skinner
Paula Stokes and John Sullivan
Ben and Ann Stuckart
Sarah Traver
Tanya Trejo
Robert and Betty Tull
Lorraine Vagner
Susan Wagner
Walker Family Foundation
Bryan Webster
Randy White and Melinda Luke-White

*Donor list current as of May 2019