I don’t like to think about where my attempt to write would have gone if the Artist Trust envelope hadn’t appeared at my front door. With the [Fellowship award] money came the rent, insurance, and new brakes... But even more importantly was the vote of confidence I needed to finish the first draft of Little Altars Everwhere.
Creativity and money can’t be separated. Artist Trust, like no other organization, acknowledges this. The state of Washington changed when Artist Trust was born.
— Rebecca Wells, five-time Artist Trust grant recipient and #1 New York Times bestselling author

Campaign for a Creative Future

Each year, Artist Trust secures 95% of the funds we pass on to artists through fundraising. While we’ve been a steady source of funding for artists for decades, the time has come for us to do our work on more solid ground. With an eye toward improving sustainability, we are looking to the Campaign for a Creative Future to insure a more stable future with a Grants Fund to support our grantmaking efforts and a Venture Fund to allow us to be bold and responsive to new opportunities that align with our mission of supporting individual artists.

The $3,500,000 Campaign for a Creative Future is composed of two funds that fulfill the promise to sustain, fuel, and support artists of all disciplines in Washington State, now and into the future. 

The Grants Fund
$2,500,000 will increase Artist Trust's investment in artists and add stability to mission delivery by creating a Board-Designated Grants Fund that complements the current Endowment.

The Venture Fund
$1,000,000 will build an unrestricted fund that allows for meaningful and rapid responses to issues faced by artists and their communities. 

Artist Trust provides amazing support and resources to artists in Washington State to help bigger/smaller/deeper/richer/wiser/more creative art happen.
— Tamara Stephas, 2014 GAP recipient


Artist Trust is widely recognized for our cutting-edge approach to supporting individual artists and their work, and serves as a national model for best practices for artist support programs. By offering direct funding and professional resources to artists, we allow them to expand their capacity to take creative risks and pursue artistic excellence, innovation, and freedom of expression.


  • Provide direct support to artists;

  • Create deeper and broader connections between artists and communities;

  • Discover and make visible current issues impacting the livelihood of working artists.

Header image: Amjad Faur, ATEN, 2016.
Photo courtesy of the artist.