Artist Stories

The Campaign for a Creative Future ensures the stability of Artist Trust’s funding and career support programs for individual artists of all disciplines across Washington State. Read on to learn how this support impacts just a few of the thousands of artists we work with each year.


eliaichi kimaro
2018 Fellowship & 2010 GAP

Eliaichi received her first Artist Trust grant in 2010, a Grant for Artist Projects (GAP) that provided critical fuel to finish her film. Nine years later, as an emerging visual artist, a 2018 Fellowship provided support for her growing body of work across mediums. In the intervening years, Eliaichi took advantage of professional development training to help her grown her business, connect with mentors, and share work with new audiences. Artist Trust partners with thousands of artists like Eliaichi a year to provide holistic, diverse, and career-changing support.

Over the years, Artist Trust has helped me grow as an artist.

tessa hulls
2018 Fellowship & 2012 GAP

Tessa’s 2012 GAP supported a non-fiction graphic novel about her five months working as a cook in Antarctica. Since then, Tessa has traveled to all seven continents, cycled hundreds of miles between gigs, taken a residency in remote southwestern Oregon, and pushed the boundaries of graphic storytelling, among many other adventures and challenges. Artist Trust is proud to have played a part in Tessa’s fearless artistic practice.

Artist Trust has supported me both as an individual and as a member of a larger creative community, and it means everything to know that Artist Trust is out there helping artists make their best work.

Mark Anderson
2018 GAP

As Spokane’s third Poet Laureate, Mark takes his duty to his home community seriously – so much so that his 2018 GAP funding went to support 15 class visits to area schools to share his love of writing and performing. As a statewide organization, Artist Trust supports artists like Mark in all corners of Washington State, from Spokane to Seattle and Wahkiakum to Whatcom.

Artist Trust has done a great job making information more accessible to me and my community.