Dear Friends of Artist Trust,

We are delighted to announce the launch of Artist Trust’s Campaign for a Creative Future, a $3.5 million campaign to ensure the longevity of grants to artists of all disciplines throughout the State of Washington. Timed with our celebration of thirty years of providing financial support, professional training, and connecting opportunities for Washington State artists, we look boldly to the future to create a lasting legacy for the funding of individual artists in our state.

In 1986, a group of visionaries started this organization with the goal of encouraging artists across the state to be bold and create new work. By their taking risks and sharing their efforts, struggles, and successes, we become a better, richer community. And in all those years, we have never wavered from our mission to support and encourage artists working in all disciplines to enrich community life throughout Washington State.

These past thirty years we have touched the lives of thousands of artists through direct  financial support and professional training, and provided over $10 million for artists to pursue their work, both in the form of project-driven and unrestricted awards. We are proud of all the work Artist Trust has done as a connector, supporter, and funder for Washington State artists of all disciplines. This year, Artist Trust released a Strategic Plan and an Equity Plan, and made great strides towards our objectives and goals with an engaged board and energetic staff.  As we celebrate these milestones, we thank all who provided support to make them possible. And as we look toward the future and recognize this pivotal moment for our organization, we are especially thankful to all the supporters who understand the importance of the organization’s work, and appreciate their support at every level.

The Campaign for a Creative Future is the vehicle by which we will advance our mission for years to come. Each year, we raise 95% of the funds we pass on to artists. There is no cushion. If we don’t raise it, artists don’t get it. While we’ve been a steady source of funding for artists for decades, the time has come for us to do our work on more solid ground. With an eye toward improving sustainability, we are launching the Campaign for a Creative Future to insure a more stable future with a Fund for Grants to support our grantmaking efforts and a Venture Fund to allow us to be responsive to new opportunities that align with our mission of supporting individual artists. The campaign has started in a strong way: we have already raised $2 million of the $3.5 million total, with $1 million of the funds raised contributed by our Board of Directors.

We now ask for you to please join us by giving generously to this campaign. Every gift at any level helps, and we certainly appreciate each and every one. Please consider making a contribution to celebrate the pioneering work of Artist Trust—in honor of our past, but as a steward of our future.


With our sincerest thanks,

Stephanie Ellis-Smith, Campaign Co-Chair
Susan Wagner, Campaign Co-Chair
Pablo Schugurensky, Board President